Surucuá Lodge, an Eden in Misiones’ Rainforest

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The idea started to take shape during one of the strolls along the long paths amidst the rainforest: to show nature in its purest form. That’s how Surucuá Lodge came to be, nestled in Andresito’s Peninsula, where virgin rainforest can still be found. Located just a short distance from the Iguazú River and facing the homonymous national park on the Brazilian side, it lies about 70 kilometres from the Iguazú Falls. It is an area of great biological significance, since it connects the Iguazú National Park (Argentina) with the Do Iguazú National Park (Brazil.) 

Peace brought by nature can only be interrupted by birds chirping, one of the main attractions for visitors, who seek to capture these colorful birds that seem to pose for these avid adventurers.

The area is also inhabited by capybaras, monkeys, tatús (a kind of armadillo), agutí (a big rodent), and tapirs, as well as some larger predators, although they are rarely seen in daylight or close to the trails created for visitors.

This eden amidst the rainforest was created by Adrián Heredia, who is not only a nature lover, but also an expert on the area having grown up in Andresito. Together with his wife, María Laura Alcaráz, they made their dream of showing nature to the world a reality. They both hold a bachelor’s degree in tourism by the National University of Misiones. 

Surucuá, which received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for three years in a row, is an ideal destination for those who want to experience the adventure of natural life. With comfortable cabins and delicious meals, tourists have the wilderness right at their fingertips without giving up the comforts of a great holiday. 

Adrián says, “We offer rainforest hikes, kayaking on the Iguazú River, and cycling along rainforest trails.”

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The lodge’s rate averages around US$748 per two day, which includes full board and transfers to and from Comandante Andresito in a 4×4 vehicle. While you can drive your own vehicle, this is not recommended for those unfamiliar with the area. Transfers from Iguazú are also available for an extra fee.

Rates 2024 (2nd semester)

Rates include:
-Round trip transfer Andresito (town) – Surucuá – Andresito (town).
-Personalized attention from the owners.
-Accommodation with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner – starter, main course and
dessert), fixed menu that will vary during your stay.
-Linen, maid and amenities (soap, shampoo and conditioner).
-Nautical kayak trip along the Iguazú River (subject to weather conditions). Restricted to
people with hip, back and leg problems. Also for pregnant women and
over 80 years old.
-Bike tour along jungle trails within the reserve.

Visitors are from Europe and Argentina, mainly from Buenos Aires and Rosario, particularly birdwatching enthusiasts. “From the very beginning, we have received guests form diverse places. Argentine tourists come from Córdoba, Neuquén, Corrientes, Resistencia, and Misiones, of course. From abroad, we’ve welcomed visitors from England, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, and Finland, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Brazil”, says Adrian.

The young entrepreneur explains, “I think this place is extraordinary. I’ve always found what we have here to be special and wanted to share it. It’s a dream come true and within this process, I have discovered things I was not aware of. The more I learnt about the area, the more passionate I became. We considered it a truly unique space, full of palm trees, an endangered tree species. We realized that it had potential for tourism and that we could generate income in a different way.”

Adrián points out that “People come with high expectations to see animals, but they can be difficult to spot. Birds, on the other hand, are much easier to see. You can see amazing, colorful birds that we didn’t even know were here. We have the Surucuá itself, it is a colorful bird that inspired the lodge’s name. There are also Manakins and Woodpeckers”, explains Adrian.

“Our goal is to provide visitors activities in close contact with nature that may allow them to explore, learn, and value the outstanding environment of our province. To this end, we offer guided hikes along our extensive trail network, photographic safaris, birdwatching activities, and kayaking on the Iguazú River. With customized attention, comfortable facilities, and home-cooked meals featuring regional flavors, we ensure a pleasant and unforgettable experience.”

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The impressive biodiversity of Misiones’ rainforest makes photography and birdwatching the most sought-after activities in Surucuá Reserve & Ecolodge, with photographers from all over the country coming here to capture the colorful birds in the rainforest with their cameras. This activity is rapidly growing in our country, and it is undergoing extensive development internationally, especially in countries such as England and the United States. “We believe that the province of Misiones has a huge potential for the development of this activity,” Adrián claims.

The venture was launched five years ago and offers a professional guide to welcome tourists. We have four rooms available, accommodating a maximum of twelve people. It is not recommended to visit the lodge with children under ten years of age, due to the challenging natural environment.


Traductores José Roa, Daira Dos Santos, Agustina Cusoilito, Valentina Mior y Rosario Maciel

Tecnicatura Universitaria en Traducción e Interpretación en Inglés – UCAMI


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