Yabuticaba, The Gourmet Market: a Reason to Stay a Bit Longer and Enjoy the Iguazú Waterfalls

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Patricia Durán has become a trademark in Misiones’ tourism sector. Every single one of her investments shakes the sector’s standards, and now there is a new reason to visit the city of Puerto Iguazú after touring the majestic Waterfalls. In line with the rainforest concept promoted as the emblem of Misiones, the businesswoman opened last Monday another one of her carefully detailed designs: the Mercadito (small local market) inspired on other markets from around the world but with the true DNA of Misiones. Mercadito is just a manner of speaking as Yabuticaba, el mercadito de la selva (Yabuticaba, the rainforest market) is a spacious building with wooden and stone foundations that spirals into the overgrowth, disappearing amidst hanging bridges and trails hidden in a dense forest with centuries-old trees. On the ground floor, a delicatessen shop offers regional products, fruits and beverages suitable for the most refined tastes.

Here, you will find everything from the best to the most traditional whiskey, a fine wine or the Argentine Fernet (an Italian bitter vermouth), as well as natural essences, spices, smoked meat and fish. On the top floor there are two connected galleries where you can taste other flavors. You can eat empanadas (pastry filled with a savory meat mixture), meat sandwiches with salsa criolla (finely chopped onions, tomatoes and peppers with French dressing) or keep going down the hallway to find the typical Argentine barbecue.

Patricia describes Yabuticaba as innovative gastronomic premises inspired on the famous Mercadito San Miguel in Madrid, and other markets around the world, where you can enjoy regional food and live a unique gastronomic experience in an area that expands the commercial sector of the city as it is located on the Hipólito Irigoyen Avenue, just a few blocks away from the access point to Puente de la Amistad bridge to Brazil.

There is plenty natural lighting, and the roofs are decorated with huge stained glasses made by local artists, as well as impressive murals at the entrance and the lower level rooms. It is an ideal place to get carried away and contemplate it for hours, another reason to stay an extra night in the city of the Iguazú Waterfalls. Every nook provides a space to connect with the heart of the rainforest. Enormous trees that forced the roofs to adopt different shapes inner lakes whose denizens can be heard at night despite the husle and bustle of the guests and the ambient music. The numerous guests all agree and celebrate that “Patricia did it again.”

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Moreover, two months ago, in August, Patricia opened the first Iguazú glamping in a rainforest site along the Paraná riverbank, creating 30 job positions. Now, there are 60 new ones, and it is estimated that a couple dozen more people will be employed once everything is fully up and running. The entire business group will employ 400 people in total, including hotels, travel agencies and tourism.

Among the guests were the Governor of Misiones, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, Claudio Filippa, Mayor of Iguazú, and José María Arrúa, Minister of Tourism, as well as other businesspeople in the sector.

Governor Herrera Ahuad toured the premises, praised the opening of this new concept, and highlighted the importance of the investment that will also create new private job positions in the city. He emphasized that, above all, “businesspeople and entrepreneurs are committed to Puerto Iguazú.”

He also stated that “one is impressed by the beauty of the market, and the creativity”, since practically everything Misiones has to offer can be found in this place: regional products, the rainforest, its unique ecosystem, all intertwined with family, people, the human being. He claimed that “it is truly fantastic, marvelous, and beyond the macroeconomic aspect, there is a regional economy, and the economy of Puerto Iguazú that has been able to stand its ground when faced with adversity, in addition to the fact that our entrepreneurs have impressive decision-making skills.”

Also, the governor pointed out that he wanted to be present at the opening to “wish the business great success. I came here to celebrate new employment opportunities for the residents of Misiones and Iguazú. This place will allow the area to grow and develop because it is also necessary to develop other sites away from the downtown area for the settlement of new businesses Then, it becomes an offer that will encourage the urbanization of the area, which already has a sewerage project under way.”

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The governor highlighted that the opening of the business was “a wonderful opportunity, taking into account the feelings, the spirits, the achievements, and especially the satisfaction of witnessing the completion of the project.” He approved the “businessman decision of trusting public policies and the belief that things can get better.” He thanked the owner for their trust in the provincial government. Likewise, he celebrated the fact that the government is a “work effort and management nexus between the public and the private sectors.” He also highlighted that tourism is important for Puerto Iguazú, and for the whole province because “We’ve been working very hard every single day for the past two years”, he claimed, and mentioning the regulation of 600 hectares in the municipality as an example. He underlined that “this cannot be achieved without a mutual partnership; it is impossible without the involvement of the government.”

“Yabuticaba” is also a place where regional producers will play a special role, highlighting local products such as yerba mate and the delightful alfajores (traditional Argentine pastries). Likewise, they will have access to a barbecue to grill meat cuts of the highest quality. The restaurant will provide a selection of delicacies prepared exclusively with local organic produce, thus ensuring fresh and delicious food in every dish. Furthermore, the market will be open every day from 4 pm to midnight.


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