Tamanakuna “the Rainforest Glamping”: a new option to enjoy in El Soberbio

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Glamping, a blend of the words “glamour” and “camping”, is a form of camping with a sophisticated distinctiveness that has become a worldwide trend for adventurers seeking to be in contact with nature. The town of El Soberbio in Misiones is known as the “Provincial Capital of Glamping” since it was the first one to implement this type of accommodation and continues to offer more of these experiences. 

In this context, last Friday at noon, Tamanakuna, “the Glamping of the Rainforest”, was opened by its owners along with local and provincial authorities, friends, and neighbours.

“Misiones captivates with its vibrant colors: the green of the vegetation, the red soil, the orchids, the butterflies, and the stream. As soon as we got here, we saw it, we fell in love with it and decided to share it with the world”, said Valeria Tuccini, one of the owners, in an interview with Radio Open 101.7.

On the other hand, Alberto Sobrino, one of the owners, revealed that they wanted to do something “out of the ordinary”, especially for those coming from different places. They said, “We are going to share it with our visitors, so they can have a true experience in the rainforest. Let them understand its vitality, explore it, immerse themselves in it, and feel its presence.”

“Tamanakuna” is a Guarani word that means “orchid”, which is one of the defining features of the Misiones rainforest (home to more than 50% of the orchids found in Argentina) where they grow and live naturally. 

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“The proposal is for people to live in the rainforest”, said Alberto, inviting guests to enjoy the place with a full board, and a customized service in the 5 geodesic domes nestled within the rainforest. Each dome is equipped with single and double sized beds, a full bathroom, a living room, and a deck that invites you to enjoy the view of the Paraíso Stream. 

In addition, Tamanakuna offers internet access in each dome and the multipurpose room, a parking lot, a lobby bar, a playground for children, and small private beaches along the Paraíso Stream. 

Website: https://tamanakuna.com.ar/es/inicio/ 

Instagram: @tamanakunaglamping 

Phone and WhatsApp: 011-4474-8722


Traductores José Roa, Daira Dos Santos, Agustina Cusoilito, Valentina Mior y Rosario Maciel

Tecnicatura Universitaria en Traducción e Interpretación en Inglés – UCAMI

Correo: c.extension@fch.ucami.edu.ar 

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